I’m a professional hair and make up artist raised and based in Nairobi, with seven years of experience in the Hair and Make up industry. I pride myself on being a fun, creative and energetic person that seeks to infuse my talents into my work and the content I create.

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Look of the Week : Sucker for Summer

Even though our weather is always changing, anyone who sits in traffic in Nairobi for 5 minutes knows that summer’s here. I reckon your make up should heat up too.

One of my favorite current trends is the orange lip, it’s a daring look and very flattering if executed properly. Orange shades, unlike red or pink lip colors, don’t have saturated blue or red undertones, so they warm and brighten every skin tone.

Don’t be a clown. The most important tip I can give you when wearing orange lipstick is to steer clear of pink- and red-toned blushes and eyeshadows, these shades clash with orange. Instead pair it with browns, golds and yellows.  I used M.A.C Morange lipstick and packed on NARS Laguna bronzer for a glowing finish. My lazy girl trick is to use the same bronzer on your eyelids for that ‘just got back from the beach’ look.

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