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Look of the Week : Street Cred

In the vast colour spectrum of lipstick, red represents classic bombshell glamour, however the shades just a few notches below it are something far more enigmatic. I have small lips so I never thought this trend spoke to me but trying it out was totally worth it and really gave me a confidence boost and brought out my tough side.

For dark-lipstick novices, the berry family, from magenta to plum, is the easiest, least intimidating entry point. When talking about lips I have to address the over lining trend. The Internet is packed with ‘How to get Kylie Jenner Lips’ and how to successfully over line your lips has become a topic of major discussion on beauty blogs across the globe.

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets that have worked for me, thin lips and all. Because all the attention will be on your lips give them some extra care beforehand, try exfoliating your lips with a dab of sugar mixed with moisturiser.

Begin by running a soft brush with a dab of concealer around the mouth to obscure any faint lines and your natural lip line. Then apply a good wax based Lip liner. Use small strokes and slowly build up the liner just outside your lip line, then complete this by filling in the entire lips with strokes going downward.

Select a lipstick that is the same color as your liner. For the most precise lipstick application, use a lipstick brush. Apply it from the center and swipe outward toward the corners of your lips to ensure symmetry. For extra dimension pat on some highlighter or a lipstick at least two shades lighter on the inside of your lips.
My favorite thing about a bold lip is that it can totally dress up and edge up any street style or simple day look. It’s empowering and risk-taking and is sure to give you some major street Cred

Photos by MGStudios-Masha Grosman

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