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Look of the Week : Monochrome

This season, we’re going matchy-matchy and jumping into the monochrome makeup trend, which calls for dressing up your eyes, lips and cheeks in the same color palette.  Think of this makeup look as your all-black-everything ensemble—it’s cool, it’s chic, it’s always in style and, the best part is, it’s really easy to pull off.  Normally rooted in beige, brown, pink, or red, it can be accomplished by picking a shade that looks good on your skin tone, and keeping all the other products within that color family.



Not sure where to start? Simply dump out all your makeup on a flat surface and make pairs or trios of matching colors. This is a great time to break into that eye palette you rarely use or the lip colors you’re not sure how to wear. You can also use my version of this look as a guide. My inspiration for this look was Easter so I chose luscious pinks.

Start by brushing a pink eyeshadow across your lids and extending outwards. Then pick a pink blush to match and apply a generous amount, pulling it up and out lightly towards your temples. Finally mirror your lip color with the color you selected for your eyeshadow and viola, there you have it. This low maintenance, up to date look is your new best friend.

Photo by MGPhotoStudio-Masha Grosman

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