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Look of the Week : Glossing it over

This week I’m tackling an absolutely stunning look. Glossy lids! This look may at first appear hard to wear for the every day woman but I’ve tested them out and I’ve fallen in love with its freshness. I’m going to give you my tips on getting it right and I hope it inspires you to give it a try.

Glossy eyelids are a seriously sexy trend and have been spotted on the runway and in all our favourite fashion magazines. While it may feel a little intimidating, the wet-look eye, as it’s also known, its totally wearable once you have the know how.

Before you add any gloss to your eyelids, you can create a beautiful effect by applying a soft, shimmery glow to your lids. Anything with a soft sheen like a pearl-colored shadow or highlight looks wonderful. Cream eyeshadows also work great as a base.

Although there are eye glosses out there in the market I would suggest trying the look out with a clear lip gloss, it works the same. Try Maybelline Baby Lips or MAC’s Tinted Lipglass. The great thing about using lip gloss is that these are products you might already have in your make up bag and won’t break the bank. Use a flat brush or your finger to apply the gloss over your entire lid. Start in the middle and carefully sweep outwards. If you’re worried about your eyelids feeling sticky, avoid applying any product to the crease. Smooth the product to your lid below and above the crease, but don’t put any directly in it. Don’t be too alarmed if it smudges, the great thing about gloss is you can just pat it into place, but sometimes a lived-in glossy eye looks flirtier than a perfect one. Don’t you just love how laid back that sounds.

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