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Look of the Week : Bronze Age

There’s nothing quite as beautiful and flattering for all skin tones than an all bronze make up look. I’m talking about all Bronze everything; lips, cheeks and eyes. It’s screams that you’ve just come back from vacation and warms up your skin on the dreariest of days. Most of us already have these earthy tones in our make up kits so all you need to do is keep these consistent on all your features.

To create a glowing summer look dewy skin is essential, so you want to start your application off with a hydrating moisturizer and then a sheer foundation for just a little coverage.Try not to use anything with a Matt finish, don’t over powder and make friends with a highlighter. Think J-Lo! I picked out my favorite bronzer which should be about two tones darker than your natural skin tone. Apply product in a sweeping motion where the sun would naturally hit the face – under your cheekbones, on your temples, on the bridge of your nose, on your chin and under your jaw line. Once this is done, blend it on your neck softly to create a balance between your face and body.

For your eyes you can sweep the same bronzer over your lids for a low-maintenance, monochrome look then add a little gold eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes and along the lower lash line to give a little shimmer. Finish off the look by applying a brown or rust-tone lip color or stain or, If you’d like to adapt this makeup for an evening out, pair it with a bold red lipstick and simply watch heads turn. This look is the perfect transition from hot summer nights to the cold season.

Photos by MG PhotoStudio

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