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Look of the Week : Ombre Lips

This week we’re going to take a look at a very popular lip trend that might feel really advanced but is easily achievable with a little courage and attention to detail. Introducing the Ombre Lip.

By blending two or three colors together, starting with a darker shade on the outside and then blending inwards, you can create an amazing 3-D effect that adds depth and fullness to your lips. This application is super flattering and gives the illusion of a larger pout. Think of the dark lip liner trend of the 90’s but updated and blended to perfection.

You will need two to three lip colors and a lip brush for blending. An easy ombre lip can be achieved by first lining your lips with a darker lip pencil of your choice and pulling the pencil in slightly toward the center of your lip then blending a darker shade over it.

Leaving room in the absolute visible center of your lips, work a lip brush outwards with a lighter shade in the same color family to add even more dimension and fullness. I chose a dark red fading into a light pink. Although this trend might feel advanced, it’s incredibly fresh and fun and with a little experimentation, not that hard to achieve. Good luck, Ladies!

Photo by MGPhotoStudios – Masha Grosman

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