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Look of the Week : Reverse Smokey Eye

This weeks look is a take on the iconic smokey eye and is inspired by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario and lets be honest, who hasn’t been inspired by the Kardashians fashion and beauty trends at one point or another.


The smokey eye is an absolute staple but it’s also a look that’s fun to experiment with and its nice to have a few variations of it in your arsenal of looks. This week I’m going to talk you through a smokey eye technique that allows you to create a lot of intensity around your eyes by simply reversing the concentration of where you’d normally apply the majority of your eyeshadow.

Getting this look right will immediately add a lot of focus and intensity to your eyes. Start by keeping the shadow of your upper lid quite neutral, I went with a warm peachy tone. (We’re saving all the dark, smokey fun for the lower lash line). Line your waterline with a black, water proof Kohl or pencil liner and then with an angle brush or small eyeshadow brush blend in a darker pigment of your choice.

My go-to is the darkest brown in whatever pallet I’m using. Blend well into your area just below your lower water line and, if you like, draw out the lower lash line creating a lower lash wing.

Finally, blend any harsh lines out with some of the same peachy brown you used on your upper lid.
You can create variations of this look by applying a pop of color on the lower lash line instead of black or brown. Remember makeup is all about expressing yourself and nothing is more expressive than your eyes, so make sure to accentuate them and have some fun.

Photos by MGPhotoStudio – Masha Grosman

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