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My 2018 Beauty Forecast

My 2018 Beauty Forecast

I know we’re already well into 2018 but with all the happenings in my family life (Yes, I had a happy and healthy baby girl) Its taken me a while to get back in gear. A new year brings with it a chance to reinvent yourself, reintroduce healthy practices and kick poor habits, and, like cleaning out your closet or decluttering your makeup bag it’s out with the old and in with the new. I’ve been scouring the social media accounts and blogs of creators and influences who inspire me in order to refresh my outlook and stay up to date with the latest beauty trends.

Now that the award season is over and spring has officially begun I want to highlight what I think the 2018 Beauty forecast looks like, what we can expect and get excited about in the hair and makeup world. You might be looking to change up your look by trying something new and step up your beauty game and I hope this provides some direction and inspiration.

– Natural curls : If you have curly hair that you’ve been straightening out or even if your hair has bit of a wave to it. This year it’s time to find the perfect product that enhances your natural locks and the techniques that work to give you bouncy curls or a beachy wave. It’s all about creating a look thats fresh and flirty, think Jennifer Lawrence at this years Oscars. Check out my Scrunch curls tutorial on my youtube channel.

Skin, skin, skin – getting your skin on point and getting your glow on is the word on every bloggers lips. The beauty industry is rolling out devices, tools and masks to get your skin looking beautiful and youthful with a minimum amount of make up. Adding a few of these items to your routine is something to splurge on this year! Natural radiance is the name of the game so invest in products that improve your complexion as opposed to masking imperfections. One such device is the Luna mini2, it’s a Sonic face brush that cleanses your skin in a really unique way or the Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask. With skin care technology better then it’s ever been, this year it’s time to take full advantage of that and take your beauty regime to the next level.

– Wet look hair: if you haven’t tried this look before it’s really beautiful, sexy and definitely worth a try. It’s a bit daunting to think of stepping out with damp hair and wondering what’s going to happen once it dries and starts to do its own thing (As hair often does). But, it’s all about products. If you use the right tools you will get amazing results and If you want to try something new and pretty low maintenance this is the trend you need in your life this year. Trust me, once you try it once you’ll be hooked. Stay tuned for my Wet Look Hair Tutorial coming soon to my YouTube Channel.

Bright eyes – Bright, bold and vivid hues are huge this year. This trend centers on making the eyes the focal point with the rest of the skin taking a back seat and having a more natural finish. It’s time to try colours that are not your norm so get ready to step outside of your comfort zone and pick up a few colorful shades of shadow. It doesn’t end at shadows either, look for liquid liners and kohl pencils that’ll make your eyes POP! To keep it perfectly on trend, keep the rest of the face as naked as possible.

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