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Color Correcting Makeup Made Easy


Color correcting makeup may seem like an area reserved for the pros, but so was contouring before makeup artists and celebrities made these industry secrets public and brought tons of new products and techniques into our lives. Now everyone is trying their hand at it and using these techniques to their advantage. Color correction makeup is the same, it may seem like a mystery or puzzle to many but its actually quite easy and I want demystify it for you and give you a simple key to color correcting at home.

Color correction can be used to target areas that you just can’t seem to cover with your normal makeup routine and corrects skin tone issues that normally show through a regular foundation. It can be used strategically if you identify what skin blemish you want to diminish and pair it with the color correction product that targets it. So if you have some discoloration, spots you want to hide, dark circles under your eyes, redness, or uneven skin tone, using a color correction method under your makeup can do wonders.

I know that the colors used to correct these issues can seem pretty alarming. purples, greens and yellows aren’t exactly colors you’d equate with skin tones, but it all makes sense when you go back to the basics of the color wheel. This is the easiest way to understand the science behind color correcting, if you take a look at the wheel, you’ll notice that orange is directly across from the color blue. Green is directly across from the pinks and reds. The color that is directly across from the problem color you are trying to correct is the color you’ll want to use on that area. Neat, huh?

Purple: Corrects yellow. Brightens and helps with dullness and sallowness.
Pink: Corrects brown. Great for dark spots, age spots and sunspots. Ideal for fair skin.
Yellow: Corrects purple. Covers mild redness and purple/blue under eye areas. Brightening.
Green: Corrects redness. Great for more intense redness, visible capillaries and breakouts.Red: Corrects green/blue. Especially great for covering dark circles on deeper skin tones.
Orange: Corrects blue. Covers dark circles, better for medium skin tones.
Peach: Corrects blue. Also covers dark circles and hyper-pigmentation, better for fair skin.

Maybelline has a great range of easy to use color correctors called Master Camo Color Correcting Pen (as seen in Picture) that will take you a step closer to achieving professional looking makeup in the comfort of your own home.
I rely on the green shade to cover up red pigments and broken capillaries on my nose. And yellow under my eyes to correct dark circles.
So identify what color correcting shade you need and blend in a thin layer of the product on to the problem area under your foundation for the ultimate even skin tone.

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