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My Skincare Routine: The Last Year of my Twenties

It’s my birthday!!! And as I celebrate and think on the last year of my twenties I’m taking stock of lots of things including my skincare routine and trying to do everything I can to look after my skin in the right way. The twenties are a time of experimentation, mistakes, adventures and staying up too late. And although it’s been fun, I’m so ready to wind them down and focus on finding a renewed sense of confidence, drive and  stability especially as I build a family and embrace my role as a wife and mother. 

They say in our late twenties we begin to see the early effects of aging and I’m all about learning more about what I can do to keep myself healthy and youthful. I’ve also been considering the way I handle my skin given just how sensitive the facial skin. If there’s anything I’ve learned in all the experimenting I’ve done with different products it’s to keep things as simple as possible. I try to use products that aren’t too multi purpose and harsh on the skin and that seems to really work for me.. Im still figuring it out, especially factoring in hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding and womenhood overall. but here are a few products and tips I’ve grown to love and that have stood the test of time. 

Never go to sleep with makeup on:

I’ve managed especially in the second half of my twenties to make a habit of always removing my makeup and washing my face before bed, no matter what time i get home or how exhausted I am. I use baby wipes for sensitive skin to remove my make up and then wash off any excess and pollution of the day with Simple face wash.

Handling Tip: Your facial skin is very sensitive so don’t over stretch the skin when removing your makeup and instead of rubbing your face dry with a towel after washing, pat dry with a face tissue or air dry. 

Sunscreen is everything : I Moisturize and protect my skin with Forever living SPF 30 sunscreen every morning. It makes a fantastic makeup base and will protect from sun damage which is one of the big aging factors no matter your skin tone. 

Alternate your night cream/oil:

I have couple great night time products I love and I alternate them depending on what I feel my face needs or sometimes what’s within arms reach. 😉

I love the Alba Botanica Even Advanced Night Creme or the Dr. Organics Rose night cream. 

Besides cream I’ve been loving oiling my skin before I sleep.  coconut oil/baobab oil/jojoba oil all make fantastic facial oils and lock in the healing moisture your skin produces while you sleep and nourishes the serface of your skin . I sometimes use one at a time or mix all three.

Handling Tip:  Give yourself a mini facial massage with the cream or oil for 60 seconds, focus on the areas where fine lines are form such as around the mouth and in between brows. Use gentle upwards motions. 

Monthly facials (or at least every six week):

Because you deserve it. And sometimes your skin needs a little extra love. Also removing blemishes and blackheads yourself usually causes scaring so I try to leave it to a professional! Find a beautician who really cares about your skin and who uses fabulous products. 

These simple products and routines have worked for me and helped my skin feel great. Find what works for you and stick with it. It only takes a few minutes a day to consistently look after your delicate facial skin and it’s so worth it. 

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