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Hair & Beauty Tips for Brides

If you are getting married this year and you want to look and feel like the best version of yourself, then you are the inspiration for this blog post. I’m really excited for all the bridal hair and makeup engagements I have coming up this year and I get asked frequently about what a bride can do to prepare for her walk down the aisle.  Every woman wants to look absolutely flawless, fresh and stunning on her wedding day. It’s a day of change, a day when you step into a new phase of your life and it’s also likely to be the most photographed day of your life and the one day when you can count on being the absolute center of attention.

Leading up to it there are some simple steps steps you can take to make your dreams of flawless skin and flowing locks a reality so

here are a couple of top tips from a hair and makeup artist, beautician and former bride. 🙂 

1.) Establishing Bridal Hair & Makeup look for you

Once you’ve chosen your dress, location and the general feel of your wedding you want to identify the hair and makeup look you’re going for on your big day. A great way of conveying this is through pictures that speak to your aesthetic. It’s much easier to get on the same page with your stylist if you’ve prepared some pictures to show him/her as an example. 

You can then ask your stylist what it would take to make the look a reality. They will take your natural features and hair into consideration and make some suggestions. For example, they may suggest that you add some length to your hair in the way of extensions to achieve the hairstyle you’ve chosen or perhaps if some lash extensions would bring your makeup look to life. It’s helpful to know if you will need these accessories in advance and will allow your stylist to prepare in accordingly to make certain you are happy with your look.

1.) Creating a good canvas.

The best makeup results are achieved on a beautiful canvas of healthy skin. Whether you are going for a heavier make up look or for something more natural, having a flawless complexion will get you that much closer to your desired look. 

I would advise booking at least three facials in the months leading up to your wedding to get your skin in the best possible condition. Let your beautician know that you’re a bride-to-be and she will help you chose facial treatments that best suit your skin type. 

Preparing for your wedding is a great time to invest in good skin care products and forming good habits that include a daily skin care routine, a weekly exfoliation and a sheet mask.

If you’re experiencing some sort of skin problem or ailment that detracts from your natural beauty this may be a good time to see a dermatologist and address any issues with their professional help. 

3.) Improving your hair condition

I have a lot of clients who want to grow their hair out for their wedding occasion, which is usually a great idea as long hair gives your hairdresser more to work with. Please note that that doesn’t mean forgetting about hair maintenance for months.    Having good length but a lot of dryness and split ends doesn’t look very nice and may make your wedding hairstyle look messy and unrefined. 

I advise that you take some steps to care for your hair without impacting the length.

Book some protein treatments that will keep your locks in great condition and promote growth.

A small cut to maintain the style and shape of your hair is a great idea too, especially if you have layers that you are maintaining. Nothing aids the condition and overall look of the hair like a cut. But be cautious and go to a regular hairdresser that you trust to maintain your length. Avoid tying someone new at this stage.

4.) Being mindful of Lifestyle and Nutrition Choices

Nothing is quite as stressful as planning a wedding and stress can affect your whole body, including your hair, nails, and skin. The best way to stay on top of this is with a healthy diet, good sleep and exercise habits. 

Perhaps you could use this transition in your life to make some of the lifestyle changes you may have been wanting for a while.

Sleep 8 hours at night. Drink 2 liters of water a day. Avoid sugar and processed foods, replacing them with whole foods and raw options. Your body, energy levels and overall mood will improve and you’ll be ready to deal with the challenges, the joy and the excitement that come with preparing for your wedding day. 

Good luck & enjoy!

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