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The Benefits of Natural Facial Oils

If anyone told me a couple years ago that I needed to apply oil to my face I would have looked at them funny, but now facial oils have become part of the skincare routine of beauty gurus everywhere. I wanted to share a little insight into facial oils as well my recipe for a magical facial oil that I created at home. I’m also going to highlight a few facial oils on the market here in Kenya that I’ve used and enjoyed. 

First I wanted to talk about some of the facts and benefits of facial oils as well as some of the possible misconceptions.

Oil is incredibly important for skin health, and our skin produces its own natural oil called sebum. This natural oil acts as a barrier keeping in hydration and as a shield against environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution. Using a nutritious oil or combination of oils on your skin not only protects it, but also nourishes the top layers of the dermis naturally without exposing it to a lot of the fillers and chemicals added to creams. Facial oils can also replenish the natural oils we may lose during the aging process and from daily exposure to the elements. 

A common misconception is that oil causes breakouts. While breakouts do often happen as a result of an over-active sebaceous gland (oil producing gland), many people with acne-prone skin end up drying out their skin in an attempt to prevent breakouts. Drying out the skin signals the sebaceous gland to produce more oil and so the vicious cycle continues. Many of us also misdiagnose ourselves with an oily skin type because we get a little shine, but this can actually be a sign of healthy and protected skin and not an overactive sebaceous gland. If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, then it might be a good idea to visit a beauty therapist and ask for an assessment. By finding and using the right type of facial oil you can produce really good results on any skin type.

Some oils such as Coconut oil and Olive oil, may get a lower rating because of the size of the fatty acid molecules in them. This means they form more of a protective barrier rather than penetrating the skin. This has its place though, it keeps the skin from drying out while protecting it from external factors that reduce the water content of the skin. I’m a huge fan of these oils and they have tons of uses for the whole body, so keep slathering. Oils that create a barrier provide great protection during the day and will keep the skin from drying out. Be sure to wear a sunscreen on top of your facial oil to protect from harmful UV Rays.

Some oils are fantastic for using on the face such as Jojoba oil and Argan Oil, which penetrate and help to repair the skin barrier. Sweet almond oil is rich in Vitamin E which is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Other oils such as Lavender essential oil and Rose Essential oil have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Baobab seed oil also breaks the skin barrier and is rich in omega fatty-acids which reduce the effects of ageing. It is also an emollient and provides hydration without blocking the pores, making it great for oily skin.

Honestly the list goes on and there are so many other oils and benefits that I haven’t listed here, but I hope this gets you interested and excited about natural oils and adding them to your skin care routine.

You can have lots of fun with mixing your own face and body oils to always keep your skin aglow. Here’s a luxurious little facial oil recipe that I mix at home. 

20 ml Jojoba oil

20 ml Sweet Almond Oil

15 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

All these ingredients can’t be found at your local healthy U store.

Here are a few facial oils that are made in Kenya and available on the market. I have tried these out and absolutely loved the results. These experts have done the hard work of figuring out what combinations will get you all the benefits you need so check them out to learn more.

 O’bao Super botanical Facial Oil by @super_obao

Wild Earth Anti Aging Oil by @wild_earth_botanics_

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