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Natural Hair Oil Recipes for Different Hair Types

Oiling your hair is a fantastic self care ritual that dates back thousands of years. Women from Africa, India and the Middle East have this practice imbedded in their cultures using nutrient rich oils made from indigenous products. This time-tested method harnesses natures goodness to combat common issues and restore lustre and moisture to your hair. Knowing which oils to use on your specific hair type will give you the most satisfactory and noticeable results. I’ve been oiling my hair regularly for the last 10 years and have personally experienced many benefits. In this post I’m highlighting some of my favourite oils and sharing with you how to combine them to have the most effective results based on your hair type and requirements. Some of the oils I mention below might even be lurking in your kitchen cupboard and a few others are easily available in the local market and will allow you to make potent potions to treat a variety of hair issues.

DIY Hair Oil Mixture

Dry/Damaged Hair – An equal mixture of Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil.

Coconut oil protects the hair shaft and contains Lauric acid which is easily absorbed and helps prevent protein loss from damaged, treated hair. Avocado oil provides moisture and helps repair and strengthen hair. It also contains minerals that seal the cuticle cells, preventing breakage. Together these oils work to protect and heal vulnerable strands that are prone to drying and breakage.

Scalp Sensitivity and Irritation – One table spoon of Coconut oil,  One teaspoon of Vitamin E oil, 10 drops of Tea Tree oil

Coconut oil soothes dryness and has microbial and anti-fungal properties that can help reduce the amount of organisms on the scalp related to dandruff issues.

Vitamin E oil penetrates the scalp to heal infections and keeps the scalp hydrated.

Tea tree oil has a powerful anti-inflamatory and cooling effect. Together this combination will reduce the itching, dryness and scalp inflammation that cause discomfort and hair loss.

Hair fall –  A equal mixture of Almond Oil and Castor Oil

Almond Oil is an emollient, meaning it fills gaps in your hair at a cellular level and increases blood flow to your scalp which stimulates hair growth. Almond Oil also contains Biotin which is an essential vitamin for hair growth.

Castor Oil is an age-old remedy for hair loss because it enhances the health of the hair follicles and helps reduce scalp inflammation which is related to hair fall.

Fine, Oily hair – Equal parts of Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera Jelly

Jojoba Oil is light weight oil and easily absorbed into the hairstrand without leaving an oily residue but is rich in vitamins and minerals that have a moisturing effect.

Aloe vera gel is commonly used to improve the condition of fine, damaged hair. It also gently deep cleans oil and excess product from the hair which could cause stands to look limp and lifeless.

Oiling your hair doesn’t have to be a time consuming process. You can run an oil combination of your choice through your stands on your hair wash day a few hours before your wash. Making this a habit can make a noticeable difference in the condition of your hair so give your hair the love it deserves!

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