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Birthing my Star-gazing Baby – A Positive Hospital Birth Story

6 Weeks Post-partum

Every birth is incredibly challenging and incredibly special in its own way and birthing my third child was no exception. Here is my story of a positive hospital birth. Its impossible to quantify the power of sharing our positive experiences with each other in order to empower one other on our own journeys to motherhood. No matter the path you take, education and the power to make informed choices for yourself, coupled with a positive mindset will give you an experience you can be proud of no matter the outcome.

After the home birth of my middle child, I didn’t think it was truly possible to have a positive hospital birth. I was nervous about being surrounded by people I didn’t know, having to commute to the hospital in labor, leaving my older children behind, having to vouch for my birth plan and having to cope with post birth recovery outside of my comfort zone. But when I got pregnant with my third and final baby I committed to making the
decisions about my birth based on instinct. I wanted to do what felt right for our family now, and not base my decisions on past experiences. I explored my options for having another home birth but when it didn’t fall into place or connect as I had hoped, I opened up my mind to the option of a hospital birth.

I had come to the realisation that each birth plays a significant role in my
development as a person. I had already learned many incredible things about myself from the previous births and become empowered in so many different ways and this time I was open and ready for what I needed to learn from this particular life experience. Trust, patience and independence.

This lead me to the decision to look into birthing at MP shah via the Waridi
women’s clinic where I would be seen by and ultimately be assisted in labor by whoever was on call from a group of seven talented and competent doctors. I didn’t feel the need to have a private OBGYN since I have a history of uncomplicated pregnancies and normal childbirth.

I had had a happy and active pregnancy overall, enjoying the moments of my final journey to motherhood. As I approached the final month of my pregnancy I began really feel the mental and physical fatigue of it all. I have two other small children ( Age 3 and 2 years ) who needed me in so many energy-draining ways. I wasn’t resting very well and I was very uncomfortable. I also had built up an expectation in my mind that baby would come early based on my previous birth so each day that passed from 36 weeks felt like one year. Emotionally i had reached my limit and I struggled with feelings of anger, frustration and hopelessness. If you have struggled through the final days of pregnancy in a similar way, you are not alone! All we can do is go through this trying time and allow it to make us stronger, knowing that nothing lasts forever.

The last picture I took of myself pregnant as I struggled through the final days.

On the 15th of Feburary, which was my due date, I woke up deeply exasperated. It had been a fitful night of off and on contractions and discomfort and I felt frustrated that my early labor pains had once more gone away by morning and that my baby was not yet in my arms. (My previous baby had arrived two weeks before his due date, so to say I was ready by 40 weeks is an understatement.) I got the kids off for school and went on a small walk around my neighbourhood. I had a short nap and woke up at 12.30 with intense, consistent and undeniable contractions. I decided to cook dinner early in case I wouldn’t be around for dinner and to keep myself distracted incase the contractions would stop again, leaning over the kitchen counter in agony during each contraction. I even tried playing with my daughter until she asked me why I was making strange noises.

At 3pm my Doula arrived to support me in my labor. One of my birth wishes was to go into labor spontaneously (without induction of any kind((which I almost broke!)) and to arrive at the hospital well into active labor. She ran a warm bath for me and counted my contractions and shared her loving, feminine energy with me. At 4:30pm she checked me and suggested we leave to go to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital in good time considering it was rush hour, and we went to be checked in and monitored. I was 7cm dilated! I laboured for about an hour before I met my doctor who told me that I could move into the delivery room if I felt ready to do so.

The delivery room was a nice cozy room with AC (which was heaven because we’ve been hitting 30 degrees on most afternoons at this time of year.) The lights were dimmed and the delivery bed was spacious and comfortable. My doctor had fantastic bedside manner and instantly made us so comfortable and joked with us. He put a lot of emphasis on making me comfortable using hot compresses for my lower back, encouraging me and helping me to move and change my position to make me comfortable and asking me if the temperature and lighting suited me. This stood out to me so much and made such an impression because while it sounds obvious to treat a labouring mother with kindness and compassion, many doctors have the tendency to make you feel like a statistic and that you are
on their clock. Many private doctors in Kenya make decisions regarding your environment and comfort without consulting you and resist or belittle your birth wishes. Dr. Raj Dodhia was different; he made me feel incredibly supported and respected and even defended and vouched for my wishes alternative suggestions were made. The nursing and midwife staff were also so kind and competent.

One thing that was important to me is that Alex would be my only birth partner. Partly because this is our last planned child and I wanted to create a very special memory together, but also, I wanted have an independent experience and really get in touch with my own feminine power. Alex was by my side the entire time and was vocal in advocating for me where necessary. He was in control when it came to protecting my peace and wishes and I think we both felt like veteran pros after 2 previous births.

After a two hour long transition I finally started to feel the pushing contractions that would bring my baby through the birth canal and right out into the world. This stage was longer than I anticipated and I pushed over 10 times to bring the baby further down before crowning, which led me to feel slightly frustrated. I leaned back during a break in one of my contractions and wondered why he wasn’t coming faster and summoned all the patience and trust in my body that I could muster. I had to find acceptance in what was meant to be as much as I wished he would just slide out of me smoothly.

Finally the moment I was waiting for finally came where he was ready to exit. Alex and the doctor yelled encouragingly for me to start pushing and to use my entire contraction to push him out, after a few try’s and lots of what can only be described as battle-cry’s, his head was out and facing up-wards in a star-gazing position. At 9:30pm the rest of his body spiraled out of me and I cried tears of joy and welcomed my angel into my arms. I was shaking with exhaustion and adrenaline and the most intense euphoria I have ever felt.

My magical moment just seconds after delivering Atlas.

This moment proved to me once again that the intensity of a fully
unmedicated experience that is not muted or dulled by interventions and pain medication is the way that I am meant to give birth…in all my consciousness and power! It proved to me once again that following my instincts and asserting my wishes for my childbirth experience is one of the most important things that we women need to protect. It proved to me that, hospital or home birth, our environment and the energy we’re surrounded by makes all the difference in the world.

I shed a tear of nostalgia writing this, knowing that I’ve made the choice to never have this empowering and consciousness-altering experience again. It truly is one of the most magical experiences on this earth. I am so happy and blessed to have had three healthy and beautiful children.

I have intense gratitude to Dr. Dodhia, who I had never met before that day, but who gave me the most important gifts you can give a birthing mother for a good result: patience, support and compassionate care. I am more in love than ever with my husband Alex who is by my side through every high and low and whose strength, humor and presence makes me feel invincible. Most importantly I have a renewed appreciation for the female warrior within and a renewed awe at our capacity to endure the most intense agony and how within that agony lies the most beautiful empowerment and joy.

“It is said that women in labor leave their bodies and travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies.”

Baby Atlas at 2 days old
Weight 3.36kgs Height 48cm

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