I’m a professional hair and make up artist raised and based in Nairobi, with seven years of experience in the Hair and Make up industry. I pride myself on being a fun, creative and energetic person that seeks to infuse my talents into my work and the content I create.

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Eating your way to Healthy Skin & Hair

The industry is flooded with amazing technology and cosmetics that help us achieve great skin and help fight the aging process. But under all the great products we use, we all want healthy, glowing skin that is resilient to aging. As with most things with our bodies, it’s far more effective to work from the inside out.  The cheapest and most meaningful way to healthier skin is by making healthy food and lifestyle choices. A diet focused on high-quality lean protein, fatty acid rich oils, fruits and vegetables and spices is best for supporting healthy skin.  The skin in the largest organ in the human body and is...

My Top 10 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is life! It’s become essential in our household, my Hubby and Hero are clearly addicted as well and now we feel as if we can’t live without it. It is also the first thing we pack when going on holiday. I say this because we just got back from a little trip to the coast and it came in handy in so many ways, especially considering we were traveling with our little one.  First off as anyone who’s travelled with an infant knows, the amount of stuff in your baggage pretty much doubles so finding a way to save space is essential. So now, Instead of packing...