I’m a professional hair and make up artist raised and based in Nairobi, with seven years of experience in the Hair and Make up industry. I pride myself on being a fun, creative and energetic person that seeks to infuse my talents into my work and the content I create.

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Survival Tips for Pregnancy

Here are my Survival tips for pregnancy! It’s my first time living out the beautiful dream of having a baby so I decided to change it up a bit with this blog post and share my experience. I realize that everyone’s journey is different but these are just a few things I did over the last nine months that helped me get by and remain happy, productive and stretch mark free. I’ll start off by saying I’ve always wanted to know what it feels to carry a child and it’s been everything I hoped; magical, amazing and spiritual. That said, let me be blunt, pregnancy is challenging, I mean...

Top Makeup Tips for Pregnancy

  Top Makeup Tips For Pregnancy Pregnancy is the most beautiful and overwhelming experience I’ve ever had. I feel so lucky to be creating a brand new life and family and I’ve been trying to enjoy each and every step. But with all the strange new things happening to my body, and the challenges that come with them, I find that most days are just about trying to get by while looking like I have it all together and finding ways to convince myself that everything I’m feeling is normal. Although I’m no pregnancy expert, this being my first time and all, I do have a few makeup and skin...

Look of the Week : Ultimate Glow

Strobing and highlighting were key beauty trends in 2016 with shimmering, pearlescent powders and creamy formulas dominating a lot of the popular make-up collections. If you haven't already incorporated this trend into your routine, you're missing out! This year, the look is gravitating towards a softer more natural take on this trend, but highlighting is still key and has become as classic and essential as blush or eyeliner. Highlighters work by defusing light so your skin looks softer and younger. If applied correctly, it gives your skin that glowing look that’s subtle enough so that people can’t place exactly what’s different, but think you look amazing. The goal when applying...