I’m a professional hair and make up artist raised and based in Nairobi, with seven years of experience in the Hair and Make up industry. I pride myself on being a fun, creative and energetic person that seeks to infuse my talents into my work and the content I create.

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My 2018 Beauty Forecast

My 2018 Beauty Forecast I know we’re already well into 2018 but with all the happenings in my family life (Yes, I had a happy and healthy baby girl) Its taken me a while to get back in gear. A new year brings with it a chance to reinvent yourself, reintroduce healthy practices and kick poor habits, and, like cleaning out your closet or decluttering your makeup bag it’s out with the old and in with the new. I’ve been scouring the social media accounts and blogs of creators and influences who inspire me in order to refresh my outlook and stay up to date with the latest...

Top Makeup Tips for Pregnancy

  Top Makeup Tips For Pregnancy Pregnancy is the most beautiful and overwhelming experience I’ve ever had. I feel so lucky to be creating a brand new life and family and I’ve been trying to enjoy each and every step. But with all the strange new things happening to my body, and the challenges that come with them, I find that most days are just about trying to get by while looking like I have it all together and finding ways to convince myself that everything I’m feeling is normal. Although I’m no pregnancy expert, this being my first time and all, I do have a few makeup and skin...

Look of the Week : Ombre Lips

This week we’re going to take a look at a very popular lip trend that might feel really advanced but is easily achievable with a little courage and attention to detail. Introducing the Ombre Lip. By blending two or three colors together, starting with a darker shade on the outside and then blending inwards, you can create an amazing 3-D effect that adds depth and fullness to your lips. This application is super flattering and gives the illusion of a larger pout. Think of the dark lip liner trend of the 90's but updated and blended to perfection. You will need two to three lip colors and a lip...