I’m a professional hair and make up artist raised and based in Nairobi, with seven years of experience in the Hair and Make up industry. I pride myself on being a fun, creative and energetic person that seeks to infuse my talents into my work and the content I create.

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Survival Tip for Working Mothers

Dear Working Mother,This one is for you. The one who prays for sleep at night so that she can focus in the day. The one who feels a special kind of guilt when leaving your child in the arms of someone else. The ones who takes a work call while changing a diaper or getting a snack for your toddler. The one with dreams, goals and ambition not only for your child, but for yourself too. The one who stares are your child sleeping because you don’t get to stare at her enough in the day. The one who hopes you are doing this right…every single day.-J Let...

Confessions of a Breastfeeding Mother `

As I come to the close of my second breastfeeding journey and stare down at my beautiful son at my breast, I notice a little swell of sadness in my chest. It’s the end of an era. I am left with a healthy boy and a beautiful bond built and the feeling that yet again, this is something ‘they’ don’t tell you; that there is a moment where we as mothers need to mourn and process the end of our breastfeeding journey with each child. This and a hundred other feelings, both positive and negative have washed over me during my time as a breastfeeding mother. These feelings...

What You Need to Know About Postpartum Hairloss.

Having children is truly the greatest joy there is, but every mother knows that there are constantly physical sacrifices that come up at every stage of the journey.  As a longtime hairdresser with many clients that are mom’s I get asked very frequently about the causes behind post-partum hair loss and if there are any solutions. Mothers often come to me in a panic, completely disheartened after finding clumps of hair falling out in the shower and thinning hair lines appearing. As a mother myself, I also have a very personal experience with postnatal hair-loss. After the birth of my second child, around 4 months post-partum, I had...